For a small congregation we have a surprising number of people willing and able to lead worship, preach, pray and read. Expressed as a percentage, it would give any church in the country a run for its money. The rota is usually planned quarterly.

Holy Communion will normally be led by the vicar, and sometimes by the Rev Liz Cannon – a member of our congregation. The remaining services, known broadly as morning worship, are also led by members of the congregation. Preaching is normally based on the lectionary, but with variations, and approaches vary from traditional style (most of the time) to a contemplative or interactive approach (though active participation is by no means mandatory).

The atmosphere is informal with variations in liturgy (we have our own home-produced Morning Worship liturgies, some of which can be seen herehere and here), but all are firmly Anglican-based. There is a strong interest in Celtic and contemplative Christianity. We also use a selection of liturgies for Holy Communion.

The current rota can be seen by clicking here.